What is Instagram Used for in 2019? Top 5 Instagram Marketing Trends

Instagram, one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, has consistently changed over the last nine years. It’s one of the best...

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Instagram, one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, has consistently changed over the last nine years. It’s one of the best at keeping up with the latest trends.

So what’s in store in 2019?

To answer this question, you need to look at modern marketing trends. Instagram marketing is the talk of the town. Every new feature that Instagram launches opens up more chances for brands to promote in different and innovative ways as to increase both sales and brand awareness. The social media app has added new features for improved e-commerce marketing that lets all brands communicate with their followers better than ever before.

Instagram marketing has always been popular for brands, but thanks to the popularity of influencer marketing and new Instagram story features, there’s another layer for advertising and selling. The latest development – IGTV – allows advertisers to post vertical videos. This has opened a venue for brands on Instagram, as well as popular Instagram users, to redevelop their Instagram strategy and include new video content in their marketing campaigns.

Instagram is still popular among businesses, and at least one business account is followed by 80% of the users with 200 million visits per day. It’s the single most profitable social media spot online because of its dynamic nature.

What are the five biggest trends for Instagram marketing in 2019?

1. Instagram Shopping

Instagram has become one of the most reliable social media platforms for online shopping. The product tagging feature has open ways for online sellers to market their products. Brands get the chance to add direct website links to their product posts. We all know about the shoppable posts, but selling on Instagram has gone to a new level recently.

Instagram launched a feature in 2017 that enabled brands to add links to their stories. Shopping via stories will continue to grow as more than 400 million Instagram users watch stories every day. It provides a great advantage to companies and advertisers because they can display their products and improve sales conversions.

Many clothing brand companies provide their audience with a direct product purchase option and swipe up to shop feature. There is talk about a standalone app for Instagram shopping that might be named IG Shopping in the coming months that will expand e-commerce marketing on the platform even more.

2. IGTV and 360Photos

Brands have long used highly polished HD videos on Instagram to gain the attention of customers. The drawback was the time and effort it takes to produce these short brand endorsement clips. 2019 will eliminate some of this effort by introducing IGTV. Gone are the days of short videos. Now, vertical video is the latest trend. Instagram Stories, LIVE, and IGTV support this mobile-friendly vertical long-form video format. This allows creators to make their content and produce videos easily for their followers to watch on their phones, but they were longer and more in-depth. They’ll get a bigger bang for their buck with longer videos.

The newest trend that we all have been waiting is the 360photos on Instagram. This would allow marketers to show their products in-depth and in detail in a picture. The feature is coming, but it’s not quite here. 2019 is expected to be the year it is introduced to the market.

3. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has reached its peak, thanks in part to Instagram, and that peak is expected to continue into the foreseeable future. Collaborations with influencers will remain the backbone of their Instagram product marketing strategy for most marketers. It is likely that by 2020, the global ad spending on influencers will reach $5-10 Billion.

Instagram also tends to promote brands that create less polished content and use Instagram Live for their marketing. Authenticity is the key to win more hearts, so influencers who are genuine and authentic tend to get a boost from the platform.

Brands are happy and excited about influencers and what they can offer. They are increasing their sales and engagement of consumers by creating innovative posts, authentic reviews, and adding brand profile links to their posts and stories.

Influencers help brands promote products and sale announcements with high-quality content at a much cheaper rate than traditional ad campaigns. The cost of micro-influencers per post is about $75 and $3,000 depending on the number of followers they have. Brands can advertise their products by collaborating with a network of influencers and using hashtags. Some marketers host different events for influencers to promote their brands and encourage them to share the goodwill to potential customers.

4. Instagram Stories and Stickers

Instagram stories have been a significant part of marketing since 2016 due to their versatility. It is estimated that over 400 Million active people watch stories on Instagram every day. The launch of stickers provides a fun and creative way to interact with customers. Lots of brands use Instagram stories for their promotions and ads, and for running contest/poll and announcing their new products.

In 2019, Instagram launched more widget stickers to add to your stories like polls, countdowns, and questions to engage the followers in posts. The countdown feature is a popular way of announcing the release date of the new product. You can also create branded face and logo stickers and GIFs to use in stories.

5. Other New Features

There are rumors that Instagram Direct will become a standalone app in 2019.

And just like Facebook has Messenger, some are predicting Instagram will launch a messenger app in the coming months. This is because some speculate Instagram already followed the lead of Facebook when it comes to algorithmic feed and by offering a going live feature.

Another reason behind this forecast is Instagram and Snapchat’s high rivalry. In recent years, both these platforms have proved to have flourished, and Instagram has already added some features that were originally only offered by Snapchat.

Another new feature called Promoted Stories is also available. It can help to increase the featured Stories audience for marketers using Instagram.


Instagram marketing will continue to grow and expand in the coming year. Your business can take advantage of these latest trends to build your brand and expand your reach. Let’s hope for even more exciting and fun features in 2019 on Instagram.

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