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10 Tips That Gurantees To Boost Your eCommerce Conversion Rate

If you need a high sales volume, then you need to know how important having an increased conversion rate is. It is...

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If you need a high sales volume, then you need to know how important having an increased conversion rate is. It is crucial to your overall sales volume. There are lots of Institutes out there that will teach you how to master optimization and analytic skill. 

Not discouraging you from going to one of this, but you will surely learn a thing or two from the next lines you are about to read now. Our main goal is to show you some effective tips that will boost your conversion rate in no time. 

Make a Compelling And Transparent Value Proposition

Never underestimate the power of creating a compelling and transparent value proposition. The ability of your conversion rate is defined by the value proposition, that’s why it is by far the most important factor when we talk about overall conversion. This is key, especially for those who are in need of an increased e-commerce conversion rate. 

Wait, what is a value proposition? You don’t know? Well, the value proposition is the main reason a prospect should buy from you. Listen, customers don’t just want to know what they stand to benefit from it, they also want to know why they should buy from you! Now think about it. If you have just 15 words to explain to the world why they should buy from you rather than buy from your competition, what would you say? 

Now, if you have an online presence and the homepage to your website reads a sort of lame welcome note or the name of your brand and its product, then you are really missing out from the fun. The problem is a lot of people don’t know the difference between a value proposition and the description (or even the) of the product. To create quality but yet unique value proposition, you need to reflect on what stands your brand apart, what makes your company unique. 

Make Use of a Conversion Rate Optimizing Strategy Based On Visible Date

By now, I’m sure you have a data about your own website. If you don’t have the data on your website, you can always make use of a tool such as Google Analytics. With this tool, I can assure you that you are in good hands. You can examine the data for patterns. Once examined, your conversion rate should be based on it. Don’t know how to go about it? Well, a behavior flow report can be of good help. 

There are lots of posts and pages that tend to drive readers and guests away which is bad, on the other hand, there are pages and posts that draws readers and audience in, making them want to come back for more. They call it ‘sticky’ content. 

As a marketer, you need these sticky notes, as many as you are able to put out there. The point is, you want these readers to spend more time on your pages so that it provides you more time to show them what you’ve got to offer. 

That is why having basic information about the state of your website, how it is currently performing can be a big factor/tool in knowing the pages that aren’t performing and go ahead to optimize them. 

An alternative solution is to post fresh contents, you will also need to update your old statistics and references. 

Set Up a Sales Funnel For Your Site

Most of the times, what dampens one’s conversion rate is that we tend to ask for the sale too fast. Most of the times, people surfing through the internet aren’t ready to buy right now, they might not be psychologically ready to purchase from you, so, you don’t want to push it in their face. A secret! The more expensive and complicated a product is, the more time people will need before they make up their mind. 

For instance, if you sell software on your e-commerce website, it will make sense to give visitors demos or free trails instead of signing up and purchasing. This will amazingly improve your conversion rate in no time. Though, most of the times, just slowing the pace and building up sales funnel to build trust and developing a relationship and prove your expertise may just be the right option you’ve been waiting for. 

You Need To Find Out If What You Are Offering Is Ideal For Your Audience 

An important thing to note is the fact that you should never create just one lead magnet. Nope, that’s not enough! You definitely need more than that if you want to figure out what your audience thirst for. 

A friend of my offered informational items on his blog, he discovered that free webinars were the best lead magnet for his audience. Hey! people love free contents and more importantly, offering a discount on your page. 

Cut the Crap/Jargon

Stop trying to persuade people and try transparency for a change. Imagine a site has this sort of value proposition “Revenue – Focused marketing automation and sales effectiveness solutions unleash collaboration throughout the revenue cycle” … what in God’s name is that? Look, I can’t explain what kind of service they render – I’m sure you don’t either. What many marketers fail to understand is that it is not the poetry and big word that makes it an interesting value proposition, but being simple and useful at the same time is what makes a proposition a great one. In short, never try to attract people with fancy, complicated business jargons, it doesn’t work! trust me! 

Why do a lot of people struggle with clarity? A good proposition will speak to the kids and they will understand. As Paul Graham once said, “Write as you talk”. It’s that simple, or it’s not!

Your best bet is to rephrase all the business jargons you’ve written and made it simple like you are talking to someone who doesn’t know what you are talking about. Use simple but descriptive words. 

What’s Working? What’s Not?

Testing what’s working and what’s not is not a bad idea. I mean, it won’t hurt anyone if you test everything on your page. Never leave things up to chance, if you do, you will be leaving the cash that you are supposed to spend on the table. There are some tools that can run different maps on your site. I’m talking about scroll maps, heat maps, and confetti maps. These maps will show you visually where guests click on your page, where they stopped scrolling and finally, where they spend more time. That’s why recordings are useful when trying to know/see how people are interacting with the interface of your site. 

When you find out that a page is not engaging (with the audience), you should consider optimization. Mimic pages that perform better, enhance the quality of the contents on your site, change the design of your site for a change. 

Optimizing Your Web Page 

Speaking of changing the design of your site for a change, you can always optimize your web page’s design. A lot of people don’t know how important the design of our pages is. They matter more than you think. Some audience prefers simple and minimalistic web design. That doesn’t mean it will work for everything, but the truth is the conversion rate of your website is not determined by how classy your website is, rather it’s the functionality of the pages and website as a whole. 

Google conducted a survey in 2012. According to the survey, it was discovered that website visitors make their first impression of a site’s attractiveness within a few seconds (about 1/20th of a second to be precise). What this simply means is that visitors tend to see complex-designed sites as not being attractive enough. 

Deal With Objections

Most of the times, when people read offers, frictions tend to ensue. Those sorts of people usually have intentional and unintentional objections to whatever it is you are saying, and as a result, pussyfoot on accepting the offer. 

This is not as simple as one might think. Unlike the in-person sales where you get to discover these objections and deal with them, being an online marketer means you will have to first create a list of all the possible objections and hesitations of your potential clients. Secondly, add info to your sales copy to help eliminate those concerns. 

Make Use Of Different Form Styles

This site functionalities tend to become the heavy object obstructing your potential buyers. Most of the consumers out there don’t want the hassle of having to fill out some boring form. Want to reduce the tension? A smart way is to take out those fields that you know aren’t necessary, you can also turn some fields to the checkbox to make it easier on yourself. More importantly, you need to test. You can do that by running a record of a landing page with a form. 

You can also consider using a long landing page, that way, the user will have to scroll to get the form. In the case where visitors click away once they’ve gotten to the form, then you might have a problem. 

There are some data you don’t really need to keep most especially when you run an e-commerce website. For instance, if you sell a pricey product or services, it is not really important for collecting information such as their budget. There is no need for that. Those are some of the things that you need to cut off from your form fields to make it easier for your customer to signup quickly and get what they want in no time.  

Build Trust

Ask any professional out there, they will tell you that more important than everything we’ve mentioned so far is this one-word “trust”. People will always come back to you once they’ve built that subconscious trust with you. 

Without trying to sound philosophical, trust is pretty much important in everything that we do in this world, and so is selling products to your clients. Let us say you were approached by a stranger, and he asks “what’s up, needs a new laptop? You can get this one for $200.” Tell me, would you ever buy it? of course not, I won’t either. Even though the laptop might seem truly new and you think it’s a good deal. But the fact that the trust is wavering, you still won’t buy it!

According to Zig Ziglar, there are only 4 reasons why people don’t buy from you. 

–    No trust. 

–    No need to

–    Not in a hurry. 

–    No money. 

Look, there is nothing you can do about the last three, but we definitely can do a lot about the first one which is the trust issue. You can add some trust components to your site. One of the few ways to go about this is making it very easy to verify the accuracy of the information that you’ve got on your site. Secondly, make it clear to the guest that there is a real organization behind the entire site; you can always do this by listing an address, listing membership amongst other things. 

Don’t Complicate It

The final tip I’m going to be explaining is the fact that we shouldn’t complicate buying stuff from us. You need to make it easy to buy something from you. If your child can’t figure out how to buy something from your site, then nobody (at least most of them) won’t either. You will need to show your users the next action/step to take. Remember, make them work with few fields, that important too. And not to forget, never give your guests/users may opt to chose from, this can really be confusing, making it hard to buy one. You shouldn’t lose a buyer. 

There are some of the few ways you can enhance your e-commerce conversion rate. What is the need for an e-commerce website when buyers can buy from you! work with these and you will see an improved sale in no time.

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